Felipe Massa in the Drivers' Parade at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

The 2013 Spanish Grand Prix: The Drivers Parade

If you watched the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix, or if you saw my article yesterday (12th May 2013) about the Drivers Parade for the Grand Prix, then you will be aware that, rather than the normal flat bed truck, the drivers were paraded around the circuit in a series of classic cars, with each driver in a separate car.

Whilst that made interviewing the drivers more difficult, and took away the ability for groups of drivers to have a chat and get fans wondering what they were talking about, it did mean that we could watch not just the drivers going around the circuit, but a series of beautiful classic cars.

I took a few pictures of the drivers and cars, a few of which are below. I hope that you like them.


There is an index of my pictures from the Grand Prix here.