Parc Ferme at the 2014 German Grand Prix

Sunday at the 2014 German Grand Prix

Well, that was quite a race. Where to start?  We headed off to the circuit on Sunday morning, as the rain started, and as the early races were most definitely wet. As we watched the GP2 race – which was, as usual, superb – we could see the dry line starting to develop on the track.  There was some debate as to whether we would see more rain before the end of the Grand Prix.  The Porsche race was in the dry, and we saw the drivers on their way to the podium  celebrating their success.

The build up to the main event started, and we happened to be standing in the paddock as the drivers came back from the drivers’ parade, so got the opportunity to get a few photos as they walked by.

Then, we headed onto the pit lane and watched the teams prepare for the race, including trying to get out of the way of the teams setting up on the grid. The pit lane seemed to be filled with teams, the media and us.

We headed back to sit opposite the pit lane exit for the race itself, where we and everyone around us gasped as Felipe Massa crashed near us. There was silence from the crowd as we watched on waiting to see Felipe get out of his car, and breathed a collective sigh of relief when he did.

The race was fantastic, with several incidents with three cars wide across the track. Nico Rosberg led from pole to the chequered flag, with Valtteri Bottas second for Williams, and a superb drive from Lewis Hamilton moving from twentieth on the grid to third in the race.

We headed as quickly as we could back to the paddock, and got to the area under the podium just in time for the national anthem.

There was plenty of celebration going on around us, with the buzz of excitement going on for just a little bit longer before it was time to start taking the paddock apart, packing up and heading to Hungary. We headed to Frankfurt for a last night out before heading home, sharing our stories of what had been an absolutely fantastic weekend. If you bump into me soon, prepare for random stories from the 2014 German Grand Prix. I will be talking about it for some time to come.