Esteban Gutierrez in Winter Testing 2013

Sauber in Formula One Winter Testing 2013

The Sauber team are hoping for a good season in 2013, no doubt, with their driver line up of Nico Hulkenberg and newcomer Esteban Gutiérrez who will make his Formula One debut in Melbourne, one of five rookies who will take to the grid for the first time. The team managed to get plenty of running through testing, and had a consistently good time. Perhaps the C32 car can be Sauber’s breakthrough.

The team certainly had plenty of staff at testing, and they seemed hard at work not just in the pit garage but behind the scenes too.

Inside the Sauber team centre at Formula One Winter Testing, 3rd March 2013

Here are the drivers.

Nico Hulkenberg

Esteban Gutiérrez

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