Lewis Hamilton in Winter Testing 2013

Mercedes in Formula One Winter Testing 2013

Mercedes Formula One are joined by British former world champion Lewis Hamilton in 2013, hoping that their new F1 W04 car can do better than the 2012 version that was driven by Michael Schumacher. Hamilton is in the number 10 car, with car number 9 featuring Nico Rosberg, who continues from the previous season.

The car seemed good in Winter Testing, and put some good lap times in during the later sessions, after a few incidents in Jerez. No doubt, Lewis will take many of his fans with him, and there will be a large number of fans in the UK and around the world hoping that he can prove that his move away from McLaren was the right choice. Do not, however, underestimate Nico Rosberg. He appeared undaunted when partnered with a seven times world champion, and produced better results. He may well have an impressive 2013.

Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton

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