Max Verstappen in Formula One Winter Testing, 2015

Formula One Winter Testing 2015

I wrote recently about attending Formula One Winter Testing 2015, and mentioned that I had managed to get through a few of my photos, but had some more to get through. A few days at home, and I have managed to get through the rest from my camera, and load them to Flickr, so here are the photos from Barcelona.


As well as the photos on Flickr, there are a few on Instagram too, although those are generally lower quality snaps from my phone.  If you want to have a look, here’s a link to one of them, I’m sure you can find the rest from there.

Pit stop here at Force India

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This was an interesting place to stand…

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Formula One Winter Testing 2015 was an eventful series of days around the track, so as well as the usual photos of cars going around the track, there are also some of cars being recovered when they stopped on track.


I have also added the photos to the galleries for the relevant drivers, including adding galleries for Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jr. If you want to have a look at the various gallereies of drivers, with photos of them over the years, have a look here.

Photos from Winter Testing 2015