Fernando Alonso in Winter Testing 2013

Ferrari in Winter Testing 2013

Second place in Formula One in 2012 went to Fernando Alonso in his Ferrari, the former world champion, who is, no doubt, hoping to go one better this year, as are his legion of fans and the many Ferrari fans around the world. The 2013 offering of this historic team is the F138, which is, of course, in traditional Ferrari red. With testing taking place in Alonso’s home country of Spain, there was much support for both him and the Ferrari team through testing.

Both drivers were to be seen with the “periscope” attachment to the car through parts of testing, no doubt measuring various items and making best use of the track time.

The "Periscope" on Felipe Massa's Ferrari at Formula One Winter Testing 2013

Here are pictures of the two drivers in Winter Testing:

Fernando Alonso

Felipe Massa

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