Alex Tait in Fiesta Junior Championship

2015 Fiesta Junior Championship

I have been following the 2015 Fiesta Junior Championship ever since a conversation on Twitter just before the start of the season suggesting that I should pop along to Silverstone that weekend. I went along for one of the days, and really enjoyed the quality of the racing, the camaraderie of the drivers, and the friendliness of the series.

I’ve been to a few of the races this year, and the quality of the series has remained high, remarkably so given that the series is for racers between the ages of 14 and 17, some of whom have never raced before. It has been one of the most exciting series I have watched this season, and each race has seen plenty of action with no guaranteed winners in this field. Now at the end of the season, here are the photos I’ve taken of each of the drivers, in the order that they finished the season. I also have posts on the events at Silverstone in April, Silverstone in August, Rockingham and Brands Hatch too if you want to see the photos of particular events.

The most dramatic part of the first session I watched at Silverstone was Alex Tait’s car catching fire, and he calmly stopping it. An impressively well managed situation that must have been frightening.

Alex Tait in Fiesta Junior Championship

Alex Tait in Fiesta Junior Championship

I’ll been watching out for the series in 2016, and no doubt, plenty of the drivers in the series will be big names in motor sport in the future.

Aaron Thompson

Michael Higgs

Nathan Edwards

Ronan Quinn

Carlito Miracco

Lewis Kent

Alexander Tait

Cameron Pugh

Sikander Hussain

Eliott Wilson

Connor Grady

Ben Swift

Bradley Burns

Richard Crisp

Danny Harrison

Warwick Daden