Carnlough Harbour

Yacht Jokes

This week’s topic for one liners and puns is yacht jokes. As normal, they come with no guarantee of funniness or originality, but I do hope they float your boat…



Why are fast yachts like popular furniture stores? Both always seem to have a sail on.

Which sailors blow their noses most often? The Anchor Chiefs.

Was going to make a yacht out of stone but it was too much of a hardship.

What do you do with a sick yacht?  Take it to the doc.

I was eating some alphabeti spaghetti on a yacht and discovered the seven Cs.

A yacht owning friend of mine didn’t want to buy a new hat as he was afraid of cap sizing.

A friend has cooking utensils on his exotic yacht.  Pyrex of the Caribbean.

The one vegetable you don’t want to have on a yacht is a leek.

Was on a Chinese yacht once eating junk food.

When Noah wanted to check how many bees he had, he had a look in the arc hives.

The captain of a yacht is a sails manager.

Told a friend that I went on a sailing course in Poole. He said “In Dorset?” I said, “yes, I definitely recommend it.”



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