X-Ray Jokes

I started an alphabetical list of my pages of puns recently and it made it clear that there are some letters that seem less popular than others. So, here are some X-ray jokes to get another letter started. As normal, they come with no guarantee of humour or originality.


I had a girlfriend once who was an X-ray technician. Was never going to last, she could see right through me.

Another friend who was an X-ray technician married one of her patients. Everyone wondered what she saw in him.

If you have X-ray vision and close your eyes, can you still see?

Had to wait ages for my X-ray today at the hospital. There was only a skeleton staff working.

Why did the doctor laugh at the X-ray of an arm? He found it humerus.

A doctor X-rayed a patient who had swallowed some bank notes to see how he was getting on. No change yet.

A friend failed his medical exam when he X-rayed his lower torso. He didn’t put his heart into it.

Superman inherited his X-ray ability from his family. He has parental super vision.


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