Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve

It is the 24th December, and one of the things that many people would like to be able to do is tracking Santa on Christmas Eve, and for those who are unaware, it is possible.   On Christmas Eve, 1955, a Sears department store published an advert in a newspaper in Colorado Springs inviting younger readers to contact Santa.  However, the phone number was incorrect and took those calling instead to the Colorado Springs Continental Air Defense Command Centre, or CONAD for short,

The chap in charge on the evening, Harry Shoup, ordered that his staff provide updates including a current location, and hence, the tradition started.  The responsibility for tracking Santa on Christmas Eve passed to NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command when this was formed in 1958, and continues to the present.  Rather than relying on phone calls, there is now a much more high tech way of tracking Santa, either by going to the NORAD Santa Tracker website, or by email, Twitter, or through plenty of other modern technical tools.


You should also be able to see an update as to where Santa is, and how many presents he and his trusty team of reindeer have delivered this Christmas Eve.


Watch live streaming video from norad at


Have a very Merry Christmas, and do watch out for Santa and his team of reindeer in the skies above you!