Jessica Ennis at the London 2012 Olympics

Thrilling Thursday: London 2012 Olympics and Team GB

This week has thankfully seen some hints of the return of the sun, which is reminiscent of last summer, a time when I spent many happy hours watching events at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. I am sure that everyone in the UK has heard plenty of stories about how amazing the events were, and how proud the crowd seemed to be to support Team GB & NI at both the Olympics and Paralympics, and at how wonderful a job the volunteers, or Gamesmakers, did. Every bit of that is true, and I had an incredible time. Watching Jessica Ennis on Super Saturday was quite incredible, seeing Usain Bolt getting his medal for the 100m was tremendous, witnessing the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympics, seeing the marathon, or becoming a handball fan were all fantastic events, but “Thrilling Thursday”, when we watched David Weir – “the Weirwolf of London” – Jonnie Peacock, and “hurricane” Hannah Cockroft winning gold was my highlight of the live events that I was lucky enough to witness.

Here are some of my pictures of Team GB at the Olympics (keep watching for the heptathlon):

One of the stories, though, of Thrilling Thursday, was Yohansson Nascrimento, who collapsed in the final of the men’s T46 100m race. After lying on the ground for some time, this happened:

The goodwill and support of the crowd was incredible. I was genuinely moved by the experience, and I cannot begin to imagine how the athlete himself must have felt.

London 2012 was just incredible. I, like very many of those who were lucky enough to attend any of the events, will remember it fondly for a remarkably long time.