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Superhero Jokes

I was in a conversation this week about a superhero fancy dress party, which ended up in a few related jokes, which seemed like as good a topic as any for this week’s puns and one liners, so here are some superhero jokes. However, this collection does not include super powers like excessive humour or originality…



Asked the chap in the local DVD rental place if I could have Batman Forever. “No, just 24 hours like the rest”, he said.

Why is there never a Thor in an Avengers tribute act? Because he has no Loki Like.

Batman came up to me & hit me over the head with a vase and went T’PAU! I said Don’t you mean KAPOW? He said ‘No, I’ve got China in my Hand’

Where’s the best place to find out about Spider-Man? On the web.

What football team does Thor support? The Hammers.

What sort of public transport do superheroes use? Bus Lightyear.

Iron Man had a go at making formal clothes, but it wasn’t his strong suit.

The most confusing superhero film is The Invisible Man. Very hard to follow.

Where do most superheroes live? Cape Town

Was invited to a superhero fancy dress party. I didn’t turn up, then told the host I was actually there dressed as the invisible man.

Sixteen sodium atoms walk into a bar followed by Batman.

Saw on eBay; “For sale. Almost complete Batman DVD collection. No Returns”.

Also on eBay; “For sale, Incredible Hulk t-shirt. Usual wear & tear”.

What do you get if you cross Captain America with the Incredible Hulk? The Star Spangled Banner.



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