Some more puns for a Friday….

As you know, Friday is bad joke day, so here are some more puns that are not original, or even that funny… I hope that you do enjoy them, and there is a list at the bottom of the page to other, similar bad jokes…


“Sunday, Monday, Happy Days / Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days / Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.” – Dave announces a new programme guide.


Velcro…  what a rip off!


A friend of mine has a vegetable patch. It stops the cravings for carrots all day.


A friend of mine used to live in a duck pond, but he moved out when he got fed up with all the bills.


A friend got a job at a bakery because he kneaded dough.


I was thinking of buying some old editions of Classical Music magazine. I’m looking for the Bach issues.


Asked the chap in the local DVD rental place if I could have Batman Forever. “No, just 24 hours like the rest”, he said.


Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.


I went to Sooty’s barbeque recently.  I had a Sweep steak.


Whoever designed the lions in Trafalgar Square really put the cat among the pigeons.





If you want even more puns, then there is an index of equally awful puns and one-liners here