Password Jokes

Like most people, I’ve had that annoying experience of trying to think of a new password that is complex enough to be secure and memorable enough to be useful, and that seemed as good a topic as any, so here are some password jokes.  Don’t worry, none of them are too cryptic, but don’t expect them to be hilarious or original either…



Wasn’t hard to crack Forrest Gump’s password. 1forrest1

Was going to change my password to MilkyTea but apparently that’s too weak.

I was going to change my password to be one of my favourite places in France but it’s Toulon.

I changed my password to BeefStew but the computer told me it wasn’t Stroganoff.

Computer said my password needed at least eight characters and at least one number, so I changed it to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Apparently my password needs to be capitals only so I’ve changed it to LONDONMADRIDROME

Asked the librarian rather loudly for the wifi password. He said “Sshhhhhh!” I asked “is that all lower case?”

Changed my password to fortnight but apparently that’s two week.

Apparently Dracula sets up a password for every website so he can click on Your Account.



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