I’m having a bad day. Or maybe a good one.

This morning, I’m thinking about the old apocryphal story about the friend who lost his job as a barman because of his positive outlook on life; with him the glass was always half full.


Let me tell you about my morning so far.


I woke up, and realised it had been snowing.  I knew that would cause me some delay.  When I went downstairs, I managed to fuse all of the lights in the house when one of the bulbs blew. I had to clear snow off the car, which was cold and wet, and headed off in the snow. My car slid three times in the snow, and the heavy snow falling and roads that were slippy meant that progress to the train station was slower than normal.  I got there just to see my normal train pull out of the station as I arrived.  I bought a new season ticket, then I decided to have a bacon sandwich to pass the time for the next train – they are not frequent – only to find out that the café in the station was out of both bacon and bread. 


Not the best start to the day?  Let me tell it slightly differently.


I got up, and when the lights fused, I was lucky enough to have a torch with batteries close exactly when I had left it, so was easily able to get the lights on again.  The snowfall had not been as heavy as previously – only a couple of inches – so clearing my car was quite straightforward.  Even though there was snow, I managed to get to the station without any major incident. I knew that I was probably going to miss my normal train, so I was not stressing about going any faster.  When I got to the station, there was no queue at the ticket office, which meant that I could have a chat with the chap working there rather than both of us rushing to get through the queue.  He suggested a slightly different ticket type, which was £25 cheaper than the normal monthly ticket I get, which was a good result.  I even had time to have some breakfast in the café in the station rather than my usual quick cup of tea. The later train is normally busier, however I have still managed to find a table seat and am working as normal.


My view is that if you set off with the feeling that you are having a bad day, you will focus on the negatives, and feel like you are having a bad day.  If you focus on the positives, you might just spot that the day is not quite as bad as you might think.  I’m sure that today will turn out to be a good day.


Either way, I now need to see what the rest of the day, and interestingly, the commute home has to offer me….