Our Formula One Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, markhaggan.com

It’s a year since I finally decided to give blogging a go, and at the time I was convinced that it would be quite a short lived endeavour. After several people had suggested that I start blogging over the years, the mixture of being snowed in for a few days and unable to leave the village and then having recently become a father and assuming that my travelling would be somewhat curtailed, I decided to give it a go.  Most advice on blogging advises having a topic so that people know why they might want to visit your site, which is not advice that I have taken.  In retrospect, it appears that the three most popular and posted topics appear to be corny jokes, motor sport, and travelling, but those are far from the only topics.


I remember signing up to a hosting plan that would allow for around 12000 hits per month, and I chuckled at the idea that I would ever get as many hits as 12000 per year, never mind per month.  In the first few days, I managed a total of zero hits on some days, which slowly ramped up over the months, and I am more than pleased, in fact delighted to tell you that my first year as a blogger showed a total of 85, 423 hits.  A big thank you to all of you who have read my random musings.


As a way of saying Happy Birthday, markhaggan.com, here is a run down of the ten most popular pages on the site, other than the homepage itself.


The most popular page, with 6005 hits, is a series of corny jokes.

The second most popular page, with 3339 hits, is the index of the various jokes pages.

Third place goes to Say No To Cold Calls, the story of how I managed to reduce the number of cold calls that I received.

Fourth place is the tragic tale of Roger Williamson and the heroism of David Purley, a very sad story from the world of motor sport.

In fifth place is the series of galleries of Formula One Drivers.

Sixth place takes us to more puns.

Seventh place is a series of jokes about Christmas jumpers.

Eighth place is – you’ve guessed it – another series of jokes.

Ninth place is a rather random post about Siri’s view on Peter Capaldi as the new Dr Who.

And finally, in tenth place, is a page about the wonderful Donington Collection, the motor museum at Donington Park.



I will continue with the blog at least a little while longer, and I will be interested to see what become the most popular posts in future.