Beatrix Potter

Glass Jokes

The topic for this week’s one liners and puns is glass jokes, which as normal come with no guarantee of humour or originality…



Saw a chess player snacking on crisps whilst drinking from an exotic looking glass. Pawn Cocktail.


A friend’s pessimistic attitude cost him his job as a barman. With him, the glass was always half empty.


What do you call a woman who plays pool whilst balancing four pint glasses on her? Beatrix Potter.


They’ve started a collection to open a pool near me. I gave them a glass of water.


Why do Java developers often wear glasses? They can’t C#.


How do you make garlic toast? Lift your glass and talk about the wonderful things it has done.


Every time I take a drink from a glass, it keeps pouring back. Must be spring water.


Turned down an opportunity to invest in a company making frosted glass balls. Couldn’t see any future in it.


Local glass blower inhaled whilst working. He ended up with a pane in his stomach.


I was on a flight and I asked for a glass of water. The cabin crew asked “still?” I said “well, I haven’t changed my mind”.



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