Font Jokes

I had a conversation this week about different typesets, and how interesting they are, and as such, thought what better a topic for this week’s one liners than Font Jokes? Don’t expect them to be too funny or original… …and if you are interested in the history of fonts – it’s much more interesting than you might think – then here’s a great book on the topic:


Times New Roman and Arial walk into a bar. The barman says “we don’t serve your type here”.

A friend’s son was baptised Comic Sans. The vicar used the wrong font.

What did one font say to the other on the beach? “Serif’s up!”

My problem with Comic Sans is that it’s just not my type.

What is a typographer’s favourite chocolate? M & Ms.

What font are horoscopes written in? Futura.

I would make a font joke but I’m not bold enough.

Was asked for advice on a font for a launch campaign. I suggested Trebuchet.

I’m not overweight, I’m in bold.

A font meets a friend in Rome and asks “are you a Roman too?” “No, but I am an Italic…”

There’s nothing wrong with the tower in Pisa. It was just built in italics.

There was a lot of trouble in the Wild West fonts as they were Sans Sheriff.

Keep seeing jokes written on the beach. Think it’s the Comic Sands.



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