Career Jokes

I was challenged last week, after a page of pirate jokes to mark International Talk Like A Pirate Day, by Kevin, to see if I could have some more themed pages of jokes. Here is a series of career jokes with the usual caveats of not being that funny or original…


Friend of mine lost his job as a courier driver. He just wasn’t delivering the goods.

A chap I know got sacked from his job at the calendar factory. All he did was take a day off.

Friend got sacked from his job at the Rich Tea factory. They said he took the biscuit.

The perks of working in a keyboard factory: extra shifts.

Don’t think I could cope with a job as a coffee taster. How do they sleep at night?

A friend’s pessimistic attitude cost him his job as a barman.  With him, the glass was always half empty.

Another friend lost his job as a journalist at a classic rock magazine through musical differences. He was always giving rave reviews.

I know someone who quit their job at the helium factory. He refused to be spoken to in that tone.

Someone I know has decided that being a shepherd isn’t for them. Every time he tries to count his flock, he falls asleep.

A different friend, though, got an award for his farming work. He was outstanding in his field.

A chap I know have up his job as a taxi driver. He kept driving his customers away.



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