My most popular image on Flickr

500000 Flickr Hits… Thank you!

I have been posting photos on the photo sharing website Flickr since the summer of 2012, with a mix of my holiday photos, motor racing pictures, and the like, and have been quite amazed at the number of hits that some of my random snaps have attracted. I spotted yesterday (9th December 2013) that the total number of hits had just surpassed half a million, which I have found quite amazing. I put together a page of the most popular when I got to 100000 hits earlier in the year, and thought that it was worth repeating for this milestone. So, of the 500000 Flickr hits, here are the most popular 20 up until now.


Half a million Flickr Hits!

Half a million Flickr Hits!


The most popular – and it has been for most of my time on Flickr – is from the London 2012 Olympics, and is the Hungarian heptathlete Gyorgyi Farkas in the Long Jump.



Second most popular, and again it has been for some time, and is from the long jump during the London 2012 Olympics, is Team GB & NI athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson landing in the sand on that fantastic day that became known as Super Saturday.  I was lucky enough to get tickets near the front right by the long jump pit via the ticket ballot, which was a fantastic stroke of luck.

Third place is a more recent picture,  from the Spanish Grand Prix 2013.  I was walking down the pit lane and spotted Paul Di Resta, together with some of the Force India team, coming down the entry to the pit lane, along with Sky TV’s Natalie Pinkham and her camera crew.  I took a few photos, but this one of Paul and Natalie has been particularly popular.

Fourth place is back to the heptathlon long jump from the London 2012 Olympics, with Team GB & NI athletes Katarina Johnson Thompson and Louise Hazel talking to their coaches, who were sitting just in front on me.

Fifth place is a photo from the picturesque English midlands town of Lincoln, and the oldest bridge in the UK that still has buildings on it, dating from 1160 AD, known as the High Bridge or the Glory Hole.

Sixth place is back yet again to the London 2012 Olympic heptathlon, with the gold medalist from the event, Team GB & NI’s Jessica Ennis, in action.

Seventh place is still at the Olympics, with Eliska Klukinova from the Czech Republic being filmed by a camera crew.

Eighth place is Katarina Johnson Thompson again, landing in the sand.

Ninth place is off to South East Asia, to the lovely land of Laos, and some backpackers landing on Don Khone in the Four Thousand Islands region of the Mekong river.  We spent a few days staying in a floating bungalow on the river, and bumped into this group of fellow travellers arriving.


Tenth place is an obscure backstreet photo from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  I have no idea why this is so popular.

Eleventh place is an equally obscure street scene from Addis Ababa.

Twelfth place is back to the Olympics, and Ivona Dadic in the long jump.

Thirteenth place is still at the Olympics, and back to Jessica Ennis.

Fourteenth, Fifteenth & Sixteenth place are back in Addis Ababa.

Seventeenth is Eliska Klukinova and her camera crew again.

Back to Ethiopia for position eighteen.

…and back to Eliska for position nineteen.

…and then, perhaps surprisingly, the first Formula One car appears with Kimi Raikkonen in his Lotus at Silverstone.


I have no idea what makes those particular photos so popular, but thank you for taking the time to look at all my random pictures.  I hope that you enjoy them.