Radical Racing 2017 Donington Event

Radical Racing

This weekend’s MSVR Donington event includes, among other series, the inaugural rounds of the new LMP3 Cup, the F3 Cup and the Radical Racing 2017 Donington Event.  Radical Racing is a relatively cost effective racing series, with the cars based on a motorbike engine, which helps to ensure busy grids and plenty of close racing. […]

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Rice Jokes

I was out for dinner last night thinking about a topic for this week’s puns and rice jokes came to mind. As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality.   I opened my birthday card and rice poured out everywhere. It was from Uncle Ben. I was at a racous curry nigh […]

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Reunion Jokes

St Patrick's Day parade, Singapore

I went to a reunion this week of some old colleagues and friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in ages.  It was a lovely evening, and the subject of jokes came up, and it was suggested that perhaps the evening could inspire a page here, hence here are some Reunion Jokes.  Unfortunately this page […]

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Bacon Jokes

A breakfast inspired topic for this week’s puns, all on the theme of bacon jokes. They may have come as inspiration as I was working out what to have to start the day earlier in the week….   As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…     A bacon sandwich walks […]

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