Blue Skies over Rosliston

The Dawn Chorus

I had an early start this morning to get to the McLaren Technology Centre, or MTC, for a meeting.  The good thing about getting up early, and about living in the countryside, is the sound of the dawn chorus, as the local birds sing their early morning songs.


I recorded the sound in my drive this morning as I was about to drive off.  It was such a lovely sound that I had to stop and just listen for a few minutes before I headed off for the day.  This is what it sounded like.


Birdsong - The dawn chorus outside my house     


Appropriately enough, as I headed off, I listened to Farming Today and then Tweet of the Day on BBC Radio 4.  If you are not familiar with it, Tweet of the Day is not a recommendation of the best post on a particular social media from the previous day, but rather is a short programme about the sound of a particular bird.  Over the last couple of years, the team have put together an impressive collection of recordings of various birds of the world.  If I keep listening to it, perhaps I will start to recognise the sounds of the different birds in and near my garden, but for now, I am content just to enjoy their song.