Crumble Jokes


After last week’s rhubarb jokes and previous apple jokes, this week we have some crumble jokes.  As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…     Went to the shop today to buy some blackberries and apples to make a crumble, but they didn’t have any. It was a fruitless trip.   […]

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Rhubarb Jokes

rhubarb wire

This week’s one liners and puns take the form of rhubarb jokes.  As always, they come with no guarantee of originality or hilarity…     I’m protecting my allotment from burglars by surrounding it with rhubarb wire.   My neighbour puts manure on his rhubarb.  I prefer custard.   Where does rhubarb go for a […]

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Fog Jokes

mist tickle

The inclement weather that has plagued my morning commute this week seemed as good an inspiration as any for some puns, so here is a page of fog jokes. I should add, though, that I do remember a journey around the M25, London’s orbital road, about twenty years ago, with a friend who asked why […]

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Autosport International Show 2018

Ferraris at Autosport 2018

Today saw the Autosport International Show 2018 kick off at Birmingham’s NEC Arena. As normal, the show combines various motor racing series, suppliers and media, with the initial two days being a trade event and Saturday and Sunday being the public days of the show. This year sees 1992 Formula One World Champion Nigel Mansell […]

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Breakfast Jokes


Welcome to the first blog post of 2018, and as it’s good to start with a hearty breakfast, here are some breakfast jokes.  As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…     Why does a French man normally only have a single egg for breakfast?  Because one egg is an oeuf. […]

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