Moira Canal Festival 2017

The Moira Canal Festival 2017

The bank holiday weekend saw the Moira Canal Festival 2017, which helps to raise funds for the Ashby Canal. The festival has developed a reputation for having a remarkable series of activities and displays. Each year has seen a historical reenactment and this year’s group was the Coldstream Guards from the Napoleonic Wars. Not only […]

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Tie Jokes

tie pin here

After last week’s shirt jokes, it was suggested that this week’s one liners should take the form of tie jokes, so here are a few.  As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…       A man walks into a retro shop in Birmingham. He says “I’d like a kipper tie […]

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Shirt Jokes

said with no sense of irony

This week’s page of one liners takes the theme of shirt jokes. As normal they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality.       “I’m not very good at pressing my shirts”, I said with no sense of irony.   On eBay; “For sale, Incredible Hulk t-shirt. Usual wear & tear”.   A […]

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Dinosaur World 2017 in Derby

Dinosaur World

The previously mentioned universal truth that young children are invariably fans of dinosaurs continues to hold in my house, so we headed off this weekend to see Dinosaur World 2017 in Derby.  The theatre was full of families, with plenty of small children, as Miranda, who was to be our tour guide through Dinosaur World, […]

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Password Jokes

one of my favourite places in France but its Toulon

Like most people, I’ve had that annoying experience of trying to think of a new password that is complex enough to be secure and memorable enough to be useful, and that seemed as good a topic as any, so here are some password jokes.  Don’t worry, none of them are too cryptic, but don’t expect […]

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Shower Jokes

more of a soap opera

We’ve had Bath Jokes previously so this week it’s the turn of shower jokes. As normal, don’t expect too much hilarity or originality…  given the topic, they are of course, all clean jokes, although you might not gel with all of them…     A chap checks into a hotel, and is asked if he […]

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