Werewolf Jokes

waiting for the full moon

It’s Halloween weekend and as we have previously had Ghost Jokes, Dracula Jokes, Vampire Jokes and Halloween Jokes, so this year here are some Werewolf Jokes.  As normal don’t expect these to be too hilarious or original…       How do you know if Father Christmas is really a werewolf? He has Santa claws… […]

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Fire Jokes

It was a disco inferno

It’s autumn, not long before the clocks change, and Halloween is around the corner. This week has seen us sitting at home in the evening with the fire lit, so the theme for this week’s one liners is Fire Jokes. As normal, don’t expect any originality or hilarity…       Bought a friend a […]

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Glass Jokes

What do you call a woman who plays pool whilst balancing four pint glasses on her

The topic for this week’s one liners and puns is glass jokes, which as normal come with no guarantee of humour or originality…       Saw a chess player snacking on crisps whilst drinking from an exotic looking glass. Pawn Cocktail.   A friend’s pessimistic attitude cost him his job as a barman. With […]

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