Tent Jokes

past tents

As the summer comes to an end and the onset of Autumn starts, here are a few tent jokes to reminisce about the summer. As normal don’t expect hilarity or originality.     Why are circus clowns often stressed? Because their job is in tents.   Local farmer helped me in to his field to […]

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Pool Jokes


The topic for this week’s one liners is pool jokes, with the various meanings of the word pool included. As normal, they come with the warning that they may be neither hilarious or original…   I read a book called The Swimming Pool. It started out rather shallow but had a very deep end.   […]

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A Boeing 737 on the A42

A Boeing 737

You see some odd sights on the main roads and motorways as you travel around the country, including some human powered vehicles, and an unexpected piece of road haulage I spotted on my way to Donington Park recently was a Boeing 737 on the A42.  Being just around the corner from East Midlands Airport and […]

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Crisp Jokes


As normal, the topic for this week’s one liners is from random conversations, and so here are some crisp jokes. Don’t expect too much originality or hilarity.     I went into a shop and ask for some helicopter crisps. They didn’t have any, so I had some plain ones instead.   Saw a chess […]

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Shakerstone Festival 2016

Like much of the UK, the Leicestershire countryside hosts a series of local fetes and festivals over the summer, many of which are actually impressively large events relative to the size of the village hosting them. Such is the Shakerstone Festival 2016, and for that matter, each year at the festival. The village is small, […]

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CSCC Donington Event 2016

CSCC Donington 2016

This weekend sees the CSCC Donington Event 2016 as the Classic Sports Car Club makes its way to the Leicestershire circuit. Series racing include the Swinging Sixties – for cars built in the 1960s – Future Classics, the Magnificent Sevens, Jaguar XJ racing, and plenty of other races. The drivers had to contend with very […]

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