Garlic Jokes

Looking for inspiration for some puns this week, and I thought of fruit as seems to be a topic of conversation increasingly frequently, but I’ve branched out a little with these garlic jokes. As normal don’t expect too much hilarity or originality…     How did the hipster burn …

A Dakota DC3 at Moira Canal Festival 2016

Moira Canal Festival 2016

This weekend saw the Moira Canal Festival 2016, the annual local fundraiser for the Ashby Canal that has a fantastically varied series …

The Anti-texting bear

Bear Jokes

Another random topic this week, here are a series of bear jokes, and no mention of walking into a bar as everyone …


Guess My Fruit

And now for something completely random. For no reason whatsoever, here’s a fruit based guessing game called (with great originality) Guess My …


Font Jokes

I had a conversation this week about different typesets, and how interesting they are, and as such, thought what better a topic …

BTCC 2016 at Thruxton

BTCC 2016 at Thruxton

Last weekend saw the cars and support races of the BTCC 2016 at Thruxton, in blistering hot sunshine. It felt a very …

NGRRC at Donington Park, May 2016

NGRRC at Donington Park

I spent today (Saturday) watching on track action by the NGRRC at Donington Park in the glorious May sunshine.  The NG Road …

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